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Trudi dropped me off at work yesterday, then went off to her preparations for Marine World. Apparently Dez wasn't willing to go, so she went with her brother and his girlfriend.

By all accounts, they had a good time.

I actually managed to get some work done. Also a very nice hour-long phone conversation with misswong77. My only regret there is that I forgot my earpiece - by the end of the conversation, my left arm was rather sore.

timenchanter was kind enough to come pick me up for the Soirée de Chowdère.

Except we didn't have the chowder this time. We asked for a sample again this week, and got something that tasted like cream of mushroom. We all decided not to risk it.

It probably would have been better for me if I had. Since I didn't have the soup, I somehow assumed I'd be able to finish my main course, and did, after some struggle. My eating disorder rearing its fat ugly head.

This meant I was up all night trying to work out if I was going to digest dinner, or the other way around.

Trudi made a valiant effort to join us, slightly marred by her going to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory first. By the time she got to us, we'd all finished, and her dinner was boxed up.

The plan was then to go off and see Wallace and Grommit. We would have, too, if Timmie and Trudi hadn't both been falling over asleep at the table.

So home, to bed.

Today has been interesting so far. I've been having long relationship discussions with Trudi, which has been less painful than one would think.

I'm about to give Mena a ride to see her son, which will probably cause some distress.

Then off to help my dad, which better not.

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