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Bruce [userpic]
Little Bits

After posting last night I finally got myself in gear and headed to TD's, and hung out with chargerboy, timenchanter, and tychobrahe. Much fun and off-key singing was had.

Boy was I off.

Then myself, Timmie, Gabe, and Ryan (a guy Timmie was hitting on) headed over to the Mini for some late-night sustenance and hanging out. We apparently quite entertained Cheryl.

Then home, where I fiddled around until 5:30am, slept for two hours, then got myself back up and dressed in time to get the rent paid.

Then back to bed for most of the day.

tankgirl_13 dropped by around 3:30pm, which was wonderful - haven't seen her in weeks. She's going to be bumming a ride with Timmie and Patrick up to Julie's tonight.

Plus it's the day for kshandra to visit.

I dunno how profitable the night's gonna be, but I expect to have a damn good time.

Meanwhile, I continue to get emails from people who express a huge amount of interest in one or more of the items I have up for sale on Craigslist, talk about buying them, then suddenly evaporate...

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